Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate


SDIC: Your Trusted Disinfectant for a Clean and Safe Environment

  • Dichloroisocyanurate SDIC 56% / 60%
  • Product Name:Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC)
  • Molecular formula: C3HCl2N3O3.Na
  • Molecular weight: 219.94
  • HS.Code:2933692910
  • CAS No.:2893-78-9
  • EINECS No.:220-767-7

Discover the Power of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) for Effective Disinfection

SDIC is an inorganic compound that serves a crucial role in sterilizing swimming pools, treating drinking water, and combating infectious diseases. As a colorless and water-soluble solid, SDIC offers effective disinfection properties that help maintain a clean and safe environment.

One of the primary applications of SDIC is in the sterilization of swimming pools and the treatment of drinking water. Its ability to eliminate harmful microorganisms makes it an ideal choice for ensuring the safety and hygiene of water sources. Additionally, SDIC acts as a reliable disinfectant in livestock, poultry, and fish farming, promoting healthier environments for animals and preventing the spread of diseases.

SDIC, or Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, is a sodium salt derived from chlorinated hydroxytriazine. It acts as a source of free available chlorine, primarily in the form of hypochlorous acid, which is highly effective in disinfecting water. The stability of SDIC makes it widely used in the disinfection of swimming pools and the sterilization of food in the food industry.

Also referred to as NaDCC, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate is known by its IUPAC name, 1,3-dichloro-1,3,5-triazinane-2,4,6-trione. Other names include sodium dichloro-s-triazine trione and sodium troclosene. These variations highlight its various applications and chemical properties.

A significant distinction exists between trichlor and dichlor. Trichlor is a dry solid compound with a high chlorine content, usually around 90%, while dichlor is available in either the dihydrate or anhydrous form.

Both NaDCC tablets and NaOCl (sodium hypochlorite) solutions effectively disinfect water by releasing free available chlorine in the form of hypochlorous acid. This compound acts as a potent microbicide, combating a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

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ItemSodium Dichloroisocyanurate Anhydrous (SDIC)
Effective chlorine content,% ≥6056
PH, 1% aqueous solution5.5-7.05.5-7.0
Unsolvable matter %≤0.10.1
Particle sizeSDIC Granular (8-30mesh;20-60mesh); SDIC Tablets (20g; 5g;1g)
Packaging25kg/pp bag; 1000kg/pp bag; 25kg/plastic drum; 50kg/plastic drum; 50kg/fibre drum.
ItemSodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate
Effective chlorine content, % ≥55
PH,1% aqueous solution6.0-7.0
Unsolvable matter0.1
GranularSize: 8-30 mesh; 20-60 mesh (can also be customized).
Packaging25 kg/woven bag; 1000 kg/woven bag; 25 kg/plastic drum; 50 kg/plastic drum; 50 kg/fibre drum.

Why NaDCC Disinfectant is Widely Used in Many Industries​

Nadcc is an efficient disinfectant with high solubility in water, long-lasting anti-virus ability, and low toxicity, so it is widely used as a drinking water disinfectant and a household disinfectant. It can hydrolyze hypochlorous acid in water and can replace hypochlorous acid in some occasions, so it can be used as a bleaching agent. The main reason is that Nadcc disinfectant can be industrialized on a large scale and has a low price, so it is widely used in many industries.

Utilizing Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) for Various Applications

Discover the versatility of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) as it finds applications across various industries. SDIC serves as a potent disinfectant, making it ideal for swimming pools, drinking water treatment, agriculture, tableware sterilization, hospitals, and public places. Its powerful disinfection properties effectively combat infectious diseases, making it a valuable tool for routine disinfection and environmental sterilization.

Furthermore, SDIC proves beneficial in industrial settings as a bleaching agent for textiles and a cleaning agent for industrial circulating water. It aids in preventing undesirable effects like wool shrinking. In agriculture, SDIC serves as a reliable disinfectant for raising silkworms, livestock, poultry, and fish farming, ensuring a healthier environment and controlling the spread of diseases.

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