Maintaining a Clean and Algae-Free Pool: The Importance of Algaecide and Effective Treatment


To maintain a clean and enjoyable swimming pool, it is important to add algaecide to your pool water on a weekly basis. Algae prevention is the key to maximizing the fun in your pool. Algaecides serve as a complement to your regular sanitization routine by preventing the formation and growth of algae. It is recommended to add algaecide after each shock treatment.

While both shock treatments and algaecides are effective in eliminating algae, it is important not to mix them together. Combining chlorine and algaecide renders both substances ineffective. Therefore, it is advised to first shock the pool and wait until the chlorine levels drop below 5 parts per million (PPM) before adding algaecide.

At The Swim, we offer a fast-acting liquid algaecide that swiftly eliminates various types of algae, including green and mustard algae. This product restores the clarity and safety of your pool, allowing you to swim with peace of mind. Even after adding the algaecide directly to your pool water, it remains safe to swim in.

For effective algae control and prevention, an initial dosage of 26 ounces of In the Swim pool algaecide should be added for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. Regular maintenance every other week requires 16 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water, ensuring that your pool remains crystal clear and algae-free.

  • Rapid-action liquid algaecide effectively combats green and mustard algae in swimming pools
  • Maintains crystal-clear pool water without causing cloudiness or foaming
  • Highly recommended for preventing staining in pools with well water
  • Simply add In The Swim Algaecide directly to your pool water
  • Contains 10% Quaternary compound as the active ingredient
  • Safe to swim immediately after adding the algaecide